I should start this blog entry by saying, I really love my job. I’m a Data Analyst for a company in Milwaukee. I make fairly decent (at least it was decent until gasoline went over $2.50 a gallon) money. I’m doing something I love to do. I write reports.

I write lots and lots of reports. Reports in Crystal and Excel. Reports that show the top 50 of this and the bottom 50 of that. Reports that connect two different databases on the same server. I write stored procedures and SQL queries and I (mostly) love every minute of it.

But, the parts of my job I hate are also the hardest ones to do. And, those are dealing with morons. Why can’t people be team players? Why would one co-worker allow another co-worker to bust his butt finding information to do something and let that co-worker work on this for THREE days and then conveniently hand them the file that shows how to do it? It happened, I saw it.

Why would one co-worker who knows NOTHING about how to write reports or how the system works in regards to reports, keep butting her nose in to tell the Data Analyst (me) how to write the reports needed for a new customer? And, get loud and obnoxious about it?

Somedays, I can truly understand why everyone looks so grumpy going into work. It’s not that they hate their jobs, they just hate working with the morons!

God Bless

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