Here’s a few thoughts I would like you to keep in mind when you go out to vote today:

Ron Johnson hasn’t given any details regarding his plans as Senator.  He will somehow cut federal spending and lower – somehow – taxes.  What he has said regarding Feingold’s record is false.  A vote for Ron Johnson is throwing away what is good for Wisconsin over the next six years.  He thinks the Constitution is hard to read.  Don’t you want a Senator who can read the Constitution?

Scott Walker – right here and right now, I’m laying down the gauntlet.  If you vote for Scott Walker, please never speak to me again.  Gay people in this state have Domestic Partnership.  Scott Walker not only picked a Lt. Governor who is so anti-gay I think she might be hiding something, but he wants to kill Domestic Partnership.  This is a real issue.  This means that I am not guaranteed by law the right to make Cheryl’s medical decisions or that she doesn’t have the right to inherit from me.  Vote for Walker – better not tell me, because I will consider it a personal affront to me.  It means that you really don’t care if your gay friends suffer.  Isn’t it bad enough that the anti-gay amendment passed and we can’t get married?  The least thing we should have is visitation rights in the hospital.  And, if you’re gay and voting for Walker, shame on you.  How dare you turn your back on making life better for other gay people?  It is despicable.