The Senate put off until today the vote on the anti-gay ban. I am begging you to please contact your Senator as soon as you get this and beg them to vote No for the amendment.

This amendment will not only ban gay marriages, but it will ban civil unions. It will invalidate all living wills gay people currently have with their partners. It will, also, invalidate the living wills that straight unmarried couples have together. Further, this amendment will make it legal to give health benefits to domestic partners — no matter what the sexual orientation.

We have to stop the amendment now, not wait until it comes for a vote in November. It is despicable that our Senate has chosen to not protect rights of the citizens of the state of Wisconsin.

Further, this amendment, which should matter most to you, our friends and family, is the fact that it will hurt Cheryl and myself. It will hurt us in our jointly owned property, our health benefits and our family.

Please contact your State Senator and ask them to not vote for this terrible and disgusting amendment. The number is SJR 53. If you don’t know who your state senator is, please go to this link: