“Yesterday, State Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and Representative Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin) began asking lawmakers to cosponsor the amendment. The deadline for cosponsors is this Monday, November 21st.” stated an email I received from the Human Rights Campaign.

Really? First, this is no surprise. The Republicans want to get this on the ballet in Nov. They want to secure a huge right-wing turnout in the 2006 election. They’re hoping that this issue will be the one that will bring back a Republican Governor to this state.

Second, this amendment will ban civil unions — completely. The supporters kept claiming that it wouldn’t, but it will. Now, they’re even admitting it. Do not be fooled by the instigators… First, this is only an issue because it is volatile, because it angers people. Otherwise, the right wing could care less. Example, Bush promised a National amendment, got elected and it went away. Second, this is hatred, plain, simple in you face hatred. Anyone and I mean anyone who would support an amendment banning one group of people from having the same rights as another group of people are filled with unmitigated hatred. Don’t let them fool you. They hate gays. Deep down inside, they really hate gay people. They have even fooled themselves. Finally, don’t even let them start to tell you that this is what God wants. God doesn’t give a rat’s ass if Gay people are allowed to marry — He doesn’t — and if He does, may He strike me dead right now as I post this. May I die a horrible death while at my keyboard.

I’m still here.

Finally, contact your representatives, let them know that you elected them to lead this state, not to follow a hate-filled agenda.

Let’s take back Wisconsin from the narrow minded, backwards, non-Christian and hate-filled people. Let’s give it back to the people, you and me.

Make sure you contact your representatives and let them know just how you feel.

God Bless.