I use Hostek for all of my web hosting needs — except I do use Blogger for the blog parts — but my sites, topofmyhead.info, sixbooks.net, eskielover.com are all hosted using Hostek.


Well, for one thing, the support is out of this world. I have never had an issue that Hostek was not able to resolve. Even when I did have an issue between sixbooks.net and Blogger, Hostek never said we don’t support blogger, deal with them. They kept at it until we resolved the issue. Their email support — on weekends, because that seems to be when I’m having problems — responses within four hours. Either the issue is resolved or they need more information, whatever, they contact me within four hours.

Next, their webhosting prices are very, very reasonable, which is how I can afford to host so many sites. And, if you’re a church, the price is even better.

So, why do I mention this?

Well, I had some issues recently and thought I should sing their praises, so everyone can use the best hosting company with which I’ve ever dealt!