My cousin, Peggy (Hi, Peggy), sent me an email wanting to know why I hadn’t posted in two weeks. Well, it’s been a busy two weeks and I thought that I would share with you:

I finished my finals and a 15 page paper, so now I’m a college graduate. I had to put the blog on hold for school and Christmas as here it is less than 10 days away and our tree still isn’t up and I haven’t had time to send one card!

Further, my brothers and I planned an anniversary party for my parents. It was their 40th. All I can say is that it went well and I can’t believe all that planning and work was over in such a short time.

The boys were here for the last half of November and the first part of December. I love when they come to visit. I’ve discovered that the more active they are, the less pictures I take. They came to the anniversary party and guess what moron forgot to take pictures of them in their cute little outfits! (Yeah, me, I was busy)

Cheryl and I went to her Christmas party at work and I met Chris Gardner. The man is awesome and I terrific speaker. Can’t wait to start reading his book.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been!

God Bless!