Cheryl and I will be going to Door County after Labor Day, as per our usual vacation plans. A co-worker of Cheryl’s gave us a card to get a special friends and family rate at a hotel. Well, the special $49.00 per night rate wasn’t available at all for the week we want to stay.

Okay, fine.

Next, I went to, Travelocity and to check out their special rates. Well, they were all in the 95 – 105 range. There is no way I’m paying that much money for a hotel room when I know the place will be more than half empty because basically no one is visiting Door County the week after Labor Day. And, I mean nobody! That’s why we go there. Lots of room, rarely have to stand in line and the hotel swimming pool all to myself. Plus, the weather is still nice.

Now, later in the month, when the leaves start changing, well, then there are a lot of people there and the hotels can charge more. But, don’t even try to convince me that you would rather have the room empty than allow me to pay a lower rate.
Anyway, I called the Comfort Inn, where we stayed last year. The hotel has wireless access, friendly service, clean and an indoor pool — everything I need for a vacation. Plus, there are fridges & microwaves in the rooms. Well, I didn’t get the $49.00 rate, but I did get a fairly good rate.

So, it just pays to call the hotel direct rather than rely on a website.

God Bless