I’ve got to make this fast, as I’m going to pick my cousin up for dinner and Blogger’s about to do maintenance, but according to this Time article (click link above) “Mary Matalin, an outside adviser to the White House, signaled the message when she said on Fox News Channel shortly after the polls closed: “MoveOn is not fringe. They’re the heart of the party.””

Now, I don’t always agree with MoveOn, but if you read the whole article, it’s almost saying that Republicans think Democrat bloggers are the far left. So, does that make Republican bloggers the far right? I don’t assume that every Republican blogger cannot find the left side of the room. I don’t think it’s fair that they label Democrat bloggers the same way.

I think that the higher ups in the Republican party are losing touch with those of us here on the ground. I’m sure that their blogging supporters would agree.

Maybe, the Republicans could use a little youth blood in their party to get them with the times?

God Bless!