Here it is, the morning after the Oscars and I’m wondering if anyone was surprised. 2011 was one of those rare years in which I hadn’t seen any movie nominated for any award.

In fact, I didn’t even walk into a movie theatre last year. I’m not alone. Movie attendance was down all across the country. Amazingly, the biggest money maker last year – Harry Potter – No Best Actor nod, no Best Actress nod and, in a field of 9 pictures, not even a nomination for Best Picture.

And, speaking of Best Picture, nominating 9 pictures seems a bit much, don’t you think? In a year of critically acclaimed dramas, did anyone actually believe that Bridesmaids had a chance?

Last night, for me at least, was not a night of surprises – save one. I drove Cheryl nuts by telling her the winner on all but three awards.   I don’t know why I don’t enter those contests.  Only of my misses surprised me and that was Meryl Streep finally winning again after 30 years and 15 nominations. I thought this would be Viola Davis’s year.  However; I am thrilled that Meryl Streep won!  I love her in every movie.

Finally, thank-you Mr. Billy Crystal! It had been a long time, but certainly well worth the wait. He brings a class and style no one else can.


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