Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (Dem) appeared at the University of Illinois in Urbana yesterday. He’s touting a decision to sell off some of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission’s student loan portfolio. Governor Blagojevich says that this will free up money for more student aid.

Apparently, some College Republican students disagree with this. Which is not surprising because right now the Dems can’t agree with the Repubs and vice versa. If these two groups each came up with the exact same idea — they would still argue about it!

Anyway, these students wore t-shirts that said, “Blagojevich sucks”, which I think might be rude — I wouldn’t wear any of the anti-Bush tees I sell in front of President Bush, but hey, this is their right to wear what they want.

Did Blagojevich have the students removed?

GASP! Shockingly, no!

Did he single the kids out as a group who were just trying to cause trouble for the administration?


He said, “I promise you if I get a blue one like that, I’ll wear it when I go out jogging.”

The students gave him one and then — hold on to your hats — posed with the governor.

Let me repeat that:


I challenge any reader to find one Republican since Ronald Reagan who was so gracious to those who oppose him.

Go on, I’m betting you can’t find one.

And, that is the difference between Dems and Repubs.

God Bless