Do you remember the Dick Van Dyke Show? My mom was talking about it last week, so I went on MeTV and recorded a couple of episodes, so she’d have something to watch after my surgery on Friday. Well, Mom didn’t watch the episodes, but I did. I had forgotten how much I loved this show. I used to watch it on WGN out of Chicago at 6PM at night. It was funny during my childhood and it is even funnier now. Imagine a show where the situation was the humor. The writing was sharp, the actors funny and there is a Mom, Dad and child (Little Richie) and no one is a dope. Intelligent humor that I don’t think we’ve had since. Well, the Cosby Show was probably as close as we’ve come since Carl Reiner decided five seasons was enough.

Sometimes, I long for those days sitting in front of the huge console TV in my parents’ living room watching the Dick Van Dyke Show. Not that I’d ever want to be a teenager again, but I wish there were more shows on TV I could watch with my grandsons.
Guess I’m more old fashioned than I thought I was.
God Bless