CNN has a quiz where if you answer the questions, you get to find out just where you stand politically. So, for fun, I took the quiz, but really, I didn’t learn anything except that in today’s society, you’re on the left if you’re against the War in Iraq, but on the right if you oppose gay marriage.

The only questions on the quiz were basically about the War in Iraq, gay marriage, abortion and estate taxes (yes, I’ve left out a couple). But, I wonder are these really the only topics that determine where you stand?

I took a political science/speech class once where we had to take a 100 question quiz in order to determine where we stood politically. Then, our class was broken down by our answers. Much to my then Republican beliefs, I ended up on the left of center of the classroom. The questions covered a lot of topics and I really wish I had that test today.

Later in life, I took another test that placed me firmly in the Libertarian camp.

Now, I take this test on CNN and I’m back in the left of middle section.

I’ve just blabbed a lot because I’m just wondering out loud (and off the top of my head) what has happened to politics in this country and to us as citizens of the greatest country on earth? Have we really been reduced to just a few questions? Isn’t there more to life?

God Bless