Another robo call came into my house from the Johnson campaign.  I absolutely hate them.  Why not use a real person?  Oh, I know why, because you don’t have enough volunteers on your staff to call real people.  Or, you think by calling someone who is listed as an independent – will convince them to vote for you.  Why not hire people?  You have millions of dollars to pay for them.

Not going to happen.  Guys like Ron Johnson scare the crap out of me.  All big talk about rights and caring about the Constitution, but nothing but tax breaks for the rich.

I love this line from Johnson’s website: “Ron grew up in a family and in a place where one of the greatest compliments you could give a person was to say that he or she was a hard worker. This belief in a strong work ethic has been a core principle that has guided Ron’s life.”

Really?  I’m willing to bet that at least 95% of us grew up in a place where being a hard worker was considered a compliment.  The site never says – not that I saw – where this magical place was.  Ashamed of anything, Mr. Johnson?  Don’t want the people of Wisconsin to know where you’re from?

Johnson likes to portray himself as an everyman, but I don’t think he’s like the rest of us.  I don’t have 4 million dollars to put into a campaign for U.S. Senate – do you?