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Elizabeth Hasslebeck – Stupidity in Motion

According to new stories, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, late of The View and new to Fox & Friends, believes that there should be a video game registry, not a gun registry. Somebody get this woman a brain. Video games don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. We had mass shootings and serial killers long before there was even such a thing as a Video game.

What we do need is 100% background check on every sale – even when father is selling to his son.

We do need is parents being responsible and not buying video games that are not designed for children.

That’s what we need.

What we don’t need is Hasselbeck to muddy the waters of discussion with crap. We don’t need someone who’s claim to fame was being on Survivor. It’s not like she worked hard to get on The View, nor Fox & Friends.

Supreme Court Overturns California’s Video Game Ban

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court overturned California’s ban on selling violent video games to children.  I have to admit, I’m a little torn.  Is it really okay to allow kids to purchase violent video games?  I have no problem with adults purchasing these games, but there are morons out there who will hand over a game to their six year old without a care in the world.

On the other hand, I believe that parents should be responsible for their own children and that includes determining if their child can play certain video games.

I do have an issue with Justice Thomas’s dissent:  “The practices and beliefs of the founding generation establish that ‘the freedom of speech,’ as originally understood, does not include a right to speak to minors (or a right of minors to access speech) without going through the minors’ parents or guardians.”

Really?  We’re going to make a judgement call on our Constitution to what the founding generation thought?  Put it that way and women should still not have the right to vote.


Battlefield: Bad Company

I purchased Battlefield: Bad Companyover the weekend. I got a fantastic deal, since I traded in some games to gamestop. But, now, I’m stuck, so I’m looking for help.

I’m on mission 3 right after you take out the communication towers and go AWOL. I can’t seem to get pass the tanks.  Anyone have any ideas?

I do know this much, it’s a good thing I never served this country in war time.  If this game is any indication, I don’t think I would’ve been good at it!

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