Just when I thought that I had seen it all.  Just when I thought nothing in this political climate could surprise me, I see a video of the stomping of a MoveOn.org person being stomped by a Rand Paul Supporter:  Tim Profitt to be exact.

Now, where in the constitution does it say that you have the right to attack someone like this.  She wasn’t being violent – from the video I saw – so it wasn’t like his supporters were stepping up to protect him from a screaming lunatic.  They not only knocked her to the ground, but they stomped on her head.  Well, that’s not true, THEY didn’t stomp on her head, Tim Profitt stomped on her head.

And, now, he is being summoned to court.  But, he gave an interview (as you do) to WKYT. If the video doesn’t appear below, here’s the link.

Apparently, Mr. Profitt doesn’t want his face to appear on camera,  <eye roll>  but he wanted to defend himself – like there is any defense to stomping on the head (and it looks like neck) of a non-violent person.  His first words on the video are:  “She’s a professional.  I think when all the facts come out, I think people’ll see that ah she was the one that ah initiated the whole thing.”

Really?  A lone woman with no backup initiated the incident that caused this angry white man to stomp on her head.

Now, I think I’ve heard it all.

I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty (you know that DOESN’T appear in the Constitution, right?), but really – you’re on video.  He says that he believes she was a threat.  “I put my foot on her and told her to stay down.”  Really?  Where was she going when another Rand Paul supporter was lying on top of her?

And, yet another reason to support concealed carry.

I hope the judge decides that there is a reason to charge this man with assault.