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Rand Paul: Reasonable?

There’s nothing that I love more than watching the Republican Party slowly implode.  If it was still the Party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and even Nixon; this would be sad.  But, the GOP is the party of Paul and Cheney – two men who are feuding about the very idea that we should go back to Iraq.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney believes that we need to go back.  Of course he does.  Haliburton, the company that rewarded him with $20 million when he left them to be Vice President, made a lot of money on the Iraq War.  If we go back, they’re sure to make billions more.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who is usually not someone to whom I were refer to as reasonable, is against this idea.  For once, he and I are in agreement.  I don’t know his views, but in my view we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.  The very idea of spending American dollars and lives to go back seems like too high of a price.

The only hope I have for this show of reason is that before we go back (and, I’m hoping we don’t go back) that we have the type of debate in this nation we should’ve had back in 2003.

Losers to the Left of Me, Losers to the Right

Will you be watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight? According to the NBC website, Christine O’Donnell will be on the show. Why is that? She lost. What can she possibly say? What about her will be so entertaining? Are we going to make the same mistake with Christine O’Donnell that we have made with Sarah Palin?

If Leno wants to talk to a politician, perhaps, he could talk to the man who defeated her, Chris Coons. If he wants to talk to a right-wing or tea party politician, why doesn’t he talk with Rand Paul – who WON his election?

Why indeed.

It is because we are becoming a nation of losers. We actually celebrate the people who lose more than we celebrate the people who win. Last Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers trounced the Dallas Cowboys. And, what did the announcers discuss? The poor Cowboys. Hardly any praise for Green Bay and these guys kept talking about things that weren’t even game related. Worse announcing ever. During the last half, it was almost like they weren’t even watching the game.

And, that brings me back to Sarah Palin. After the Republicans loss in 2008, Palin was touted like some golden girl. We’re still not rid of her two years later. And, history is repeating itself because here comes O’Donnell onto the Tonight Show.

It’s just sad. It would be different if O’Donnell had won or had been someone with a lot of political experience and public recognition and now he wants to talk to her.

I guess it really shouldn’t matter to me, except I fear what is going to happen to our nation as time goes by and we keep celebrating the losers and dummying down everything.

Rand Paul’s Supporter: Tim Profitt “Not a big deal” to attack unarmed woman

Just when I thought that I had seen it all.  Just when I thought nothing in this political climate could surprise me, I see a video of the stomping of a person being stomped by a Rand Paul Supporter:  Tim Profitt to be exact.

Now, where in the constitution does it say that you have the right to attack someone like this.  She wasn’t being violent – from the video I saw – so it wasn’t like his supporters were stepping up to protect him from a screaming lunatic.  They not only knocked her to the ground, but they stomped on her head.  Well, that’s not true, THEY didn’t stomp on her head, Tim Profitt stomped on her head.

And, now, he is being summoned to court.  But, he gave an interview (as you do) to WKYT. If the video doesn’t appear below, here’s the link.

Apparently, Mr. Profitt doesn’t want his face to appear on camera,  <eye roll>  but he wanted to defend himself – like there is any defense to stomping on the head (and it looks like neck) of a non-violent person.  His first words on the video are:  “She’s a professional.  I think when all the facts come out, I think people’ll see that ah she was the one that ah initiated the whole thing.”

Really?  A lone woman with no backup initiated the incident that caused this angry white man to stomp on her head.

Now, I think I’ve heard it all.

I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty (you know that DOESN’T appear in the Constitution, right?), but really – you’re on video.  He says that he believes she was a threat.  “I put my foot on her and told her to stay down.”  Really?  Where was she going when another Rand Paul supporter was lying on top of her?

And, yet another reason to support concealed carry.

I hope the judge decides that there is a reason to charge this man with assault.


A Rand Paul Quote and Thoughts on the First Amendment…

Rand Paul said the following (according to PolitiFact): “You mentioned faith-based intermingling — government and faith-based,” Paul said. “George (W.) Bush did that, and I think it was a horrible mistake. One, I think the money sort of pollutes the mission of a purely Christian organization, or Muslim or whatever organization it is, and it obscures the church-state separation that there really ought to be. We shouldn’t have tax money flowing into churches. We should let churches do charity work, and that’s wonderful, but they shouldn’t be corrupted with government money.”

I wish more politicians would stand up and end the federal money that flows into faith-based organizations. The very First Amendment to our Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” I would think that pouring money into a church is thisclose to establishing a religion.  Money equates power.  Money is what makes the world go ’round.  (I wish it was love, but it isn’t).

Today, too many people believe that religion should have something to do with politics.  But, I say, keep your god out of MY politics and I’ll keep my God out of yours.  I’m Roman Catholic and I’ve heard that some Priests said that if you voted for a pro-choice candidate, then you couldn’t take Holy Communion!  Well, I just about flipped my lid over that one.  Quite frankly, I think any church where the Pastor or Priest speaks out about politics on a regular basis, should lose its non-profit status and have to start paying taxes on property, etc.  If the church (any church) wants to be a political entity, then you should treat it like one.

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