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An Open Letter to Bill Barnes on his Birthday

Dear Bill;

Today is your Birthday and you asked your readers for a present…You just want us to tell more people about the strip.

Well, Bill, I’d like to give you what you want, but I all ready reviewed Not Invented Here way back in July.  (See Review Here)  I just don’t know how I can mention Not Invented Here on my blog when I’ve all ready completed the review. It’s just not done and I wouldn’t want to bore my readers by mentioning Not Invented Here a second time. I mean, I have to look out for my readers and not mention the same strip – in this case Not Invented Here – more than once.

So, Bill, I’d like to help you out and encourage my readers, yet again, to read Not Invented Here, but I just don’t think I can.

I hope you understand.

Have a wonderful Birthday!


Strange Gods

I’m not sure how to describe Strange Gods.  It’s not really a laugh out loud script.  It doesn’t have huge storyline arcs.  But, it does have a cuddly groundhog named Dogu.  Strange Gods follows two main characters, Nolan and Gonaldo.  Nolan is a total cynic and completely self-absorbed.  Gonaldo is mature and level headed.

The artwork is amazing.  I love the way the characters are drawn.  The comic, also, in its own way comments on society.  Make sure you check it out.

Strange Gods Webcomic

Not Invented Here

Not Invented Here ComicI just finished reading the entire archive for the webcomic, Not Invented Here.  The comic is the standard at work comic, but with very unstandard humor and inventiveness.  The two main characters are Owen and Desmond.  Owen is your typical clueless project manager and Desmond is a developer.  They are supported by a cast of characters including a robot (Marketroid) as the head of marketing.  If you ever wondered about software development, this comic is a much funnier way of describing the process.  If you’re in software development, you will see your co-workers in every frame.

Furthia High

I just wanted to say thanks to Furthia High – our new sponsor.  There’s one spot left.


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Have a great day!

God Bless

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