The headline on CNN’s Political Ticker boldly stated:  “‘I’m through,’ Palin says”.  Even the first sentence stated, “Sarah Palin says she’s done.”  I got all bubbly and excited inside.  ‘Finally!,’ I said to myself, ‘we won’t have to hear about Sarah Palin anymore!’

And, just like what happened in the tech and housing markets, the bubble burst.

Sarah Palin is sticking around. 🙁  She’s just not going to “whine about the media”.  Apparently, Palin is saying this after NOW came to her defense in regards to a “sexual slur directed her way from comedian Bill Maher”.  I’m paraphasing, but Palin went on to say that she doesn’t need NOW’s help.

She really doesn’t get it, does she?

Does Palin even know or understand the history of the Women’s movement in this country?  Does she understand that the whole reason the country (and the “lamestream” media) pays any attention to her is because of organizations such as NOW?  Her right to have five children or her right to not have five children is owed to the many women who came before her – is she aware of this?

I’m guessing she isn’t.

All five of my grandparents were born before women had the right to vote.  Two of my three grandfathers (two biological and one step) celebrated their 18th birthdays before women could vote.  I owe (and, my mother and grandmothers owe) the right to vote to the women who came before us.  I have the right to earn a living to the women who belonged to NOW during the Feminist movement.

I realize that Palin doesn’t agree with NOW (the National Organization for Women), although I don’t understand entirely why, but no one is asking her to donate money or give a speech for them.  Palin used that old quote “I need NOW’s defense like a fish needs a bicycle” to show her disdain.

Actually, Sarah, you do need NOW’s defense.  It is groups like NOW who fought for our rights – who stood up when we couldn’t – who still fight for what’s right in our country.  What you really need is to get your head out of your ass and stop believing your own right-wing press clippings.

You weren’t ready to serve as Vice President in 2008 – you actually were reason #3 for why I didn’t vote for McCain – and you won’t be qualified or ready to serve as President in 2012.