Here’s what I wish for 2011:

  • DOMA to be repealed.
  • Conpanies to reduce their profits and start hiring workers. (Come on, we all know you can afford it!)
  • The American public to come to their collective senses and start looking at real fact and figures instead of soundbites.
  • My grandsons to grow stronger and smarter – and with that I want to keep up with them!
  • I want this year to be the year old wounds heal and we can all make nice again.
  • I hope the people I know and love find the jobs they need, but desire.
  • I want this year to be the year we finally get out of debt and we stay that way!

I wish all of you reading this a safe and happy 2011.  Thanks for reading this past year.  I hope you’ll stick by me in 2011!

God Bless