Talk about battling headlines!  Two different websites discuss the new Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated” with two very different takes:

Palin Film Opens Strong, Theaters Packed

Sarah Palin Documentary Premiere: Film Opens To Nearly Empty Audience

The first headline comes from Fox Nation. The article below it clarifies that the theater in Grapevine, TX sold out. That’s pretty impressive, I guess. Grapevine has 46,000 residents and the AMC Theater has 28 different screens – 5 of which are showing Harry Potter.

The second headline comes from Huffington Post.  The article below this headline comes from the Atlantic and other sources.  However; the main gist is about a theater in Orange County, CA.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to show up for a Sarah Palin documentary in Orange County, CA.  That is definitely not Palin Country.

Anyway, I think both of these headlines just show how far we’ll go to spin a story.  Remember when the media would’ve told both sides of the story in one article?  A headline stating, “Palin Documentary Has Mixed Turnouts” would be more appropriate. Don’t you agree?