ABC’s Dancing With The Stars announced it’s line up of stars today. Lined up are David Hasselhoff, Florence Henderson, Kurt Warner, Margaret Cho, Jennifer Grey, Rick Fox, Michael Bolton, Kyle Massey, Brandy Norwood, Audrina Patridge and two others.

What were their names again?

Oh, yeah, Mike Sorrentino and Bristol Palin.

Yes, you read that right. Somehow, the guy they call “The Situation” from that ridiculous reality show The Jersey Shore is considered a star. A FREAKING STAR! Really? Really?

Why do we watch these train wrecks on reality shows? I saw a grand total of 30 seconds of that show and I lost ten IQ points. We have truly gone nuts in this country when we – not only watch these train wrecks – but allow them “star” status.

Burt Reynolds is a star. Marlon Brando was a star. Frank Sinatra. Rosemary Clooney. Sammy Davis, Jr. George Clooney. Demi Moore. Ashley Judd.

Those are stars – very good stars in fact.

I can see David Hasselhoff and Florence Henderson, but why does ABC have to stoop so low to include “The Situation”?

And, I have made a point in the past of not picking on Bristol Palin. I don’t believe in including celebrities’ children in political discussions, but this isn’t a political discussion. And, by signing up to be on this show (and being over 18), she leaves herself up to this.

Since when is Bristol Palin a star? What has she ever done to be granted that? She’s waved at the crowds, but not much else. How could DWTS consider Bristol a “star”?

Maybe, I could talk my mom into running for Vice President, so I could wave at crowds and appear on DWTS.

I think we’re really lowing our standards in this country. Glad I have better things to do with my time then watch DWTS. I really hope you do, too.