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Assembly Passes Budget Bill

The Assembly passes the budget bill and despite Representative Suder’s written statement: “The vote we took wasn’t the easy thing to do, but it was the right thing to do”, it wasn’t the right thing to do.  Aside from killing union’s rights for collective bargaining, the Republicans have sold out our state.  The no-bid for state owned energy assets means that the government can sell / lease them off to the companies they deem should have them.

Who gains from that?

Walker’s largest campaign contributor: Koch Industries.

Despite their blanket denials that they will not benefit, Koch Industries will benefit the most.  How will Walker turn down his buddy?  The punking of Walker by Ira Murphy showed that Walker is in the Koch brothers’ pocket and truly believes what is good for them is good for him.

The sad thing is that people who do not understand how the world works, don’t understand just how bad it will be for Wisconsin with Walker as our governor.

By the way, where are the jobs Walker promised?  So far, he shut down the high speed rail which would have amounted to 4000 jobs (yes, some temporary) and Talgo Inc is moving to Illinois killing even more jobs.  So far, Walker has killed unions and not created one job.

Can you say RECALL, boys and girls?

Show us the JOBS you promised, Mr. Governor.  If anyone deserves to be laid off – it’s this lousy state government.

Congressman Petri

According to an article on JSOnline article, Congressman Petri actually “promoted high-speed rail”.   Yesterday, he stood with Congressmen Ryan and Sensenbrenner to sponsor a bill which will allow Governor-elect Scott Walker to kill the project.  While some people are claiming flip flop, according to the article, Petri stated: “It’s the state’s call. They’re the ones that have to pay the $750,000 a year or $7.5 million a year ongoing (varying estimates for annual costs to the state). On the other hand, they’d have to forgo the $800 billion. Is that a sensible tradeoff or not? I worked to do my best to be part of giving them the option of making that decision.”

It sounds to me as if Congressman Petri isn’t flip-flopping as much as giving Scott Walker the rope with which he can hang himself.  How could $800 billion into the state be a bad thing?

Thanks, Scott!

Thanks, Scott Walker – Mr. Job Killer

I’m so glad that three of our so-called Representatives – Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan and Tom Petri – has seen it necessary to put a bill in Congress that would allow Scott Walker to return the money for the high speed rail project. According to the bill – which I have not yet read – will direct the money to reduce the deficit. Both California and Illinois (according to CBS 58 News) want the money. I’m making a guess here that if the money is returned by Wisconsin, it won’t be going to reduce the deficit.

On top of that, if the project is cancelled, 4,000 jobs will be lost. That’s four thousand people who will be affected – in a state that has an unemployment rate of 7%. Add to that “representatives from Talgo Inc., the Spanish company that chose Milwaukee as its site in the U.S. for building and maintaining high-speed trains, said the company may be forced to shut down its Milwaukee operation if the high-speed rail project is killed.” (source)

Most economists agree that deficit spending is good during a bad economy, provided that the money is used for the right projects.  Hello, we’re in a bad economy.  Government cuts should be made when the economy is running smoothly.  Actually, that’s when taxes should go up, in order to build a surplus to get us through the bad times.  Any first year economic student can tell you this.

Apparently, Walker, Ryan, Sensenbrenner and Petri have never taken an economic class.  They don’t get it.

Let’s put in simple terms:

4000 people get up and go to work in the morning.  Every week or every other week, they receive a pay check.  The government receives money from the taxes taken from said paycheck.  The bank gets paid for the mortgage or the landlord collects her rent.  Food is purchased at a grocery store.  A meal is purchased in a restaurant.  And, it goes on.  These four thousand people affect many more people.  The restaurant stays in business.  The local grocery store has to hire another clerk or two.  It is a circle.  Money travels from one person to another and along the way, more growth happens.  When the economy is booming again, the government stops spending (and, here’s where our government has been wrong throughout the last thirty years).  Private money begins flowing with new buildings, companies, etc.  The government money is no longer needed.

Paying off the deficit isn’t going to keep food on any of our tables.

We need to work together to save our rail and the four thousand jobs.

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