Wow! What a difference a week makes!

Harriet Miers has withdrawn from being a Supreme Court Nominee. Hmmm, I’m kind of bummed, because the woman was growing on me.

Yes, I know that I did not support her nomination. I’m not going back on that. I still did not like the idea of someone without any judge experience being nominated for the Supreme Court. However, since I wrote that post, I have received emails from both the right and the left stating that Harriet Miers should not be a Supreme Court justice. Well, if she has both sides this upset, then she’s a pretty good choice in my eyes.

Now, this withdrawal of hers bothers me. Does this mean Bush will now go with someone who is extremely right wing? And, what is wrong with finding a judge that knows the consitution and sticks by it? Both sides should be happy with that, shouldn’t they?

Except, it all comes down to abortion and gays. Abortions shouldn’t be allowed and gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

But, does the constitution even address either one of these issues?

Now, I happen to be against abortions. I waiver only if it is used to save the mother’s life and how often does that really, truly happen?

I am for gay marriages. I think this marriage is only between a man and a woman stuff is just stupid. If someone could come up with a legitimate, non-religion based argument of why gays should not be allowed to marry, I would gladly listen. Until then, gays should be allow to marry, period — end of discussion.