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373 – 1

373 – 1 => that’s the difference between your salary and the salary of the guy on top.  For every dollar you earn, a CEO is earning 373 dollars.  And, what do you get for that huge difference?

You get a boss who thinks you’re paid too much.

You get a boss who wants to raise profit margins and he does this by laying off your co-workers or even you.

You get a boss who is more than willing to move a factory overseas to save money, so he can make even more.

You get bad health insurance – if you have any health insurance at all.

You get to save for your own retirement out of the little bit of money that you have – and you get politicians that want to take away your safety net.

You get the feeling that you are expendable.

We could blame the government for our nation’s economic woes.  However; it isn’t entirely the government’s fault.  Greed is good, so the saying goes.  Except, greed is only good for those on top and it harms those of us on the bottom rung (and, even those of us a couple of rungs higher).

Perhaps, the government should take some, but not all, the blame.  It was the government that removed the financial regulations that had prevented a financial collapse for sixty years.  The free market system would work if only greed and the ever desire for higher and higher profit margins wasn’t part of the deal.  When men (and women) only concern themselves with profit and not sound business decisions, economic collapse ensues.

I’m not entirely sure what can completely fix our economy, but I can tell you what won’t and what hasn’t.  Lowering taxes even farther and ending financial (and other business) regulations are not going to put this great nation back on solid financial footing.  We need to put the Glass-Seagull act back into place to protect our financial markets.  And, we need to raise taxes on the upper classes.  The top limit needs to be moved back to 39%.

Ronald Reagan was correct to lower taxes in the eighties.  It was a good thing and it started economy recovery.  However; too much of a good thing can do us harm.  Our current economic status is proving just that.


Have I mentioned how much I love my wife?

So, Cheryl and I are refinancing our second mortgage and we’re going to close this Thursday. Well, Primerica is refusing to give us our copies of the credit reports that they ran. Absolutely, refusing.

They’re even stating that it is illegal for them to give me my OWN credit report. What kind of BS is that? I have always received a credit report from EVERY loan place I have EVER had a loan through.

Now, I’m pretty sure that under the Freedom of Information Act, that isn’t true, but I’m not positive.

Cheryl has talked me out of cancelling the loan — I was even told that it would be fine by the woman denying what I want.

Well, let me just say — For your own sake — DON’T DO BUSINESS with PRIMERICA. (They’re a division of Citigroup/Citicorp.)

I have been telling Cheryl that I’ve had a bad feeling about this loan since day one, but once she gets something in her head, she doesn’t let it go.

God Bless.

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