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Next week, I’ll be posting my article – in Parts – regarding crime statistics and concealed carry. I’m pretty excited to be delving into all of this data!

Also, some thoughts on the economy.

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Ash Wednesday, Lent and Facebook

Ash Wednesday is a week from today. I just checked the date because I was wondering when I would have to stop eating meat on Fridays.

Now comes the hard part. What am I going to give up for Lent?

My morning tea or coffee?

No, I’ve done all of these over the years.

And, then it hit me as I was reading an article about, um Facebook. I’m giving up Facebook for a full forty days and forty nights.

No farmville.
No commenting on friend’s statuses.
No contact with facebook at all.

I’m going to turn off the emails I get when someone posts to my wall. That’ll certainly clean up my inbox.
40 days without Facebook – I was going to say this should be interesting, but really, I had a life before facebook took it over!

So, friends, family and people I don’t really know (but somehow you ended up on my friend list) – Bye for 40 days.  If you want me to know what’s going on in your life – drop me an email. If you want to know what I’m thinking, please read my blog. Or, call me. How did we get through life before facebook? Oh, yeah – we actually talked to the people in our lives!

I wonder if I should list this in my status?

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Why is Bristol Palin apologizing?

I saw this article that Bristol Palin is apologizing for rants that she and her sister posted on Facebook.  And, all I can say is, why?  The article didn’t list exactly what the rants said, but isn’t that part of her Freedom of Speech?  Why should she have to apologize?  And, certainly, she shouldn’t have to apologize for her kid sister, Willow.  Willow’s 16, I think if she felt that an apology was necessary, she would make it.

I think we’re going a little too far in this apology business.  Someone says something that someone else finds offensive and the first someone apologizes.  Well, what a bunch of bull.  You said it, stand by it!  Besides, I don’t ever believe those apoligies are sincere anyway.  Public apologies are offerred to make the public happy – that’s why their public.  I’m not saying that Bristol isn’t sincere, how would I know?  And, how would she know?  Who is sincere at 18 or 19 years old anyway?

So, let’s call a truce on apologies.  Let’s all try to say what we mean and what we believe.  If we find out later that our beliefs were wrong, then say, “Hey, sorry about that, I had my head up my ass and I was wrong.”

And, let’s grow some thicker skins out there.  If someone says something you find offensive – especially if they’re a celebrity – don’t buy the products they endorse or watch the shows their on.  Send them a message that you think they’ve got their head shoved so far up their rear end that they need a glass stomach to see.  But, don’t expect an apology.  I’m pretty tired of them.

How about you?

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