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Best Comment Moderator

Ugh! I receive more spam comments than anything else. I moderate them all by hand. Somedays, it seems to take forever and I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. If you have a blog, what do you do about spam? And, what login system should I use?

Moderation of Comments

I used to not moderate comments, but in recent days, I’ve noticed a lot of comments with links to products and that are more generic than actually commenting on the topic at hand.

If you post a comment and add a link to your blog, as long as the comment is relevant, I will allow the comment to post.  In other words, it must actually sound as if you read the post.

I will make every effort to ensure that all comments are posted, especially if I disagree.  If your comment is deleted and you think I made a mistake, contact me.  I’ll put it up.

We all know that people who just want to place a comment that doubles as an ad, won’t contact me.

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