Now, my boss said to me that he believes when you associate yourself with liberals that you have to buy into the whole liberal package. You can’t support the war in Iraq, you don’t support Israel, etc. He has based this belief on watching liberal rallys on C-SPAN and seeing signs in the crowds supporting topics that aren’t even being discussed at the rally.

Well, I’m not going to argue with the boss. That’s just a good way to make enemies in high places. Besides, I have my own blog where I can voice my own opinions.

Maybe, right wingers hold more organized and controlled rallys than liberals. Since I have a very busy life, I don’t spend anytime watching political rallys on C-SPAN. Not that I think it is a bad idea, just not one I have time to participate in. I’m sure that right-wing rallys are more to the point. So, no argument there, but…

I don’t believe that the whole package deal is just on one side of the conservative – liberal aisle. If you are on the conservative side, you are forced into supporting the war in Iraq, the president’s energy policy and tax cuts for the wealthy.
For example, I happen to be a pro-life person, yet, when I try to join pro-life organizations, I seem to find the same thing — no to abortion, yes to death penalty — and a crossover of people who are against gay marriage.

So, what is a liberal conservative suppose to do?

I wish I had a nice and neat answer, but I don’t. I really, really don’t. If you do, I’d like to hear it — write to me.
God Bless,