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Shoplifting Post Over at Bilerico

Do you read the posts over at Bilerico?

If yes, then you’ve probably seen this one and if no, why the hell not?  They’re short, to the point and very well done.  I found this one (I’ve taken the liberty of putting a couple of sentences to get you started below) and I found it well written and interesting.  Anyway, click the more link to read the whole post over at Bilerico – come on, you know you want to.

I have a friend who steals. More accurately, he’s a friend of a friend, and whenever I see him he always has a story or two of things he’s recently stolen. It’s little stuff. Usually food. He can definitely afford to buy food, so it’s not about need. And I don’t think he gets much of a thrill out of stealing…more

Tales from a Godless Monkey

You have got to check out this site.  He blogs about nothing and everything.  The very first blog was about reality and perception.  He writes stories and sometimes, he writes about things he like.  I just discovered him and I have not, as of yet, read everything in his archives – but I have every intention of doing so.  (Yeah, I know, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.)

Anyway, right now he’s writing a story that is wickedly (ha, I just wrote wickedly, how strange is that?) addicting.  I have to know what is going to happen to Sam – the main character.  He’s on part four of (what he said) five parts.

Check out Part 1 here – you can find the other three on your own.


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