Yesterday, I arrived home from work (I have President’s Day off of work, but NOT the day after Christmas — go figure!) to find two little guys waiting for me.  Yep, da boys are back in town!  They’ll be here until tomorrow, when they go see Grandpa in Illinois and they’ll be back on Saturday to go to my parents.

Apparently, the only person who knew that they were coming was my mom, who is almost never in the loop!  She managed to keep it a secret from me.

So, this am, I was awaken by Danny singing a song and laughing at 6AM.  He managed to wake me and Alex.  I brought him into bed, but he was having no part of going back to sleep, so Cheryl took over and I got ready for work.  Gotta love them boys.

Alex was crying when I went to bed last night, so I brought him into bed with me.  He managed to sleep quite well, but I tossed and turned all night.  Somehow that little bundle of 30lbs of joy can take up most of the bed!  He kicks a lot and makes noises as he sleeps.  He’s, also, fascinated by the ceramic Christmas tree that is in our bedroom.  He kept waking up and pointing at it, making sure to wake me as well, so I could look at the pretty lights with him.

I’m here at work, which means that I don’t get to be home playing with them, which is a bummer, but we have all night. 

We had Christmas last night, but da boys were more interested in the bags and paper that wrapped the presents rather than the presents themselves.  Gotta love kids.  I swear if I gave them an empty box, they would be thrilled with that!

God Bless!