I honestly do not know much about Judge Samuel Alito. That’s why in the last couple of days, I haven’t said anything about it.

If what I have been reading is true and Judge Alito is an extreme right-wing judge, then I think my off the cuff prediction came true. I said in my blog on Harriet Miers on 10/27: “Does this mean Bush will now go with someone who is extremely right wing?” and it looks like the answer is yes, he will.

Does this mean that Roe v. Wade will be overturned?

If I am to believe the emails I’m receiving from pro-choice groups — yes it will.

But, shouldn’t we care about more than abortion and gay rights? Aren’t there other pressing issues the Supreme Court will make decisions on?

I read some opinion pages that some people are upset that Bush did not pick a moderate to replace O’Connor. But, who would really expect George W. Bush to pick a moderate? Are you kidding? He’s not a moderate Republican. I wouldn’t expect him to pick a nominee who is. George W. is a hardline right-wing Republican. I wouldn’t expect anything less for his nominee. Plus, Miers was probably as close to moderate as we were going to get. I think it was a mistake on the part of the left-wing to protest her so hard. It was not a mistake on the part of the right-wing because now they have someone even more right-wing.

I agree with the editorial in the Des Moines Register from yesterday:

It is unfortunate that the modern Supreme Court confirmation process has become a battleground over just a few hot-button issues that drive special-interest groups on both ends of the political spectrum…

There is more to constitutional law than modern court politics would suggest. Indeed, it is impossible to say today what issues a Supreme Court Justice Alito will confront amid rapid scientific change in a global economy. As the Senate approaches the job of giving its advice and consent to the president’s nominee, Alito should be judged on the sort of justice he would be for all Americans on the complete spectrum of constitutional principles, not those few pressed by the noisy extremists.

I couldn’t say it better myself.

God Bless.