According to an editorial by Eric Zorn, Illinois is in trouble over their speciality plates.   We’ve all seen them on cars and personally, I don’t see the point.  I have plenty of bumper space to use to show off my viewpoints, so why bother with a speciality plate that just costs more money.

The reason Illinois is in trouble is because the state turned down an anti-abortion group from having a “Choose Life” slogan on the plates.  Totally wrong and a judge agreed.  You can’t open the plates for only certain groups. 

I agree with Mr. Zorn, these plates have to go and not just in Illinois.  Let’s get rid of them here too.  Let’s start with those Packer plates (where the extra money goes to fund the statium — like they don’t have enough money to do it themselves) and continue on until their all gone.

That’s what I think.

God Bless