#1. Do we really care who won idol? Other a couple of winners (Carrie Underwood comes to mind), most Idol winners drift off never again to be heard.
#2. I feel sorry for Jon, Kate and the eight, but frankly, I don't think their marriage issues are news. I don't want to hear about them and I don't watch their show. So, why do I care if they sit side by side or not?
#3. Teddy Update: He's either the dumbest cat I've ever own or the bravest. He tried yesterday morning to take on M'Lady. Little guy was taking his life in his paws doing that. When she smacked him, he ran right back for more. Hope he grows up big and strong, because he's going to get his butt kicked for that kind of behavior. Also, he's a fast learner — he's been up and down the basement steps when we've gone done them, but this morning, I caught him pushing open the cat door and coming up all by himself. Pretty good for a little guy that weighs 2.5 pounds.
#4. How the HELL did Michael Vick get out of prison so soon?!? Please, NFL, don't reinstate him.
#5. Shut up, Dick Cheney, shut up. And, while I'm at it, shut up the entire GOP and let's stuff a sock into the mouth of Rush Limbaugh. For 8 years, we did it your way and where are we now? Deeply in debt, engaged in two wars (we haven't properly prepared our young men and women to fight) and we're up a creek without a paddle. I don't agree with everything President Obama's doing, but let's stand behind him and let him do it. We gave President Bush a bunch of free passes after 9/11 and we should do the same for Obama. Now, I'm not saying that as regular citizens we shouldn't write letters to our representatives or even to the editor of our local papers, but I'm tired of the GOP leaders opening their mouths to critize. Enough all ready!
#6. If you don't like the way the country is heading, then do something about it.

God Bless