Please read this story on CNN for more information.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’re all in a heighten state of awareness and security since 9/11.  I get that.  I understand that seeing strange objects in strange places puts people on edge.

But, in the words of John Stossel — Give me a Break!

Here’s the skinny:

Two guys put up little electronic boards that flipped you the bird to advertise “ate-night Adult Swim cartoon ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force.'” (quote from CNN)  There’s nothing threatening looking about these things, although I can see how people would be upset.  Also, nothing makes these things look like a bomb.  Trust me, if the terrorist are going to blow up underpasses, you probably wouldn’t see the bomb first.

Anyway, some people “panicked” and now the men who put the signs up all over Boston (not NY, where I could understand them going a little overboard with the panic) are in trouble for causing a panic.

Even the judge said you have to have the intent to cause a panic to be charged with starting one.

Come on, let’s lighten up.  I’m tired of having to be scared all the time.

We’ve had two foreign attacks in fifty years.  I think that makes us a pretty safe nation.]

Take a deep breath and chill a little.

God Bless