I went back and reviewed one of my old posts regarding the American Girl stores and a group called Girls, Inc. In the post, I mentioned that the American Family Association was boycotting them. (Read the original post here) Anyway, I noticed that the American Family Association only had 2.2million members as of the posting (Oct. 2005). It got me to thinking, just how many people are actually a part of all these “family” groups that supposedly support the American Family as they see fit. Because in a country of 365 million people, 2.2 million is .6% of the population.

I wonder how many members of the American Family Association belong to Focus on the Family and how many Focus on the Family members belong to any other right wing group. In other words, how many extreme right wing conservatives do we really have in this country? Probably not many.

On the flip side, Move On has 3.2 million members and the ACLU has 550,000 members, so the extreme left isn’t very large either. Between these two groups, we’re talking 1% of the population.

My point is that the extremes in this country are the ones who get all the air time. Their opinions make headline news. (Case in point, Dobson’s remarks against Barak Obama made the front page of CNN all yesterday afternoon.) We really need to shut the extremes up and tune them out. There are compromises that will need to be made no matter whom is made President in November.

While Focus on the Family is worried about the homosexuals in this country and furthering their own agenda, we’re not noticing anything else. What about the economy? What about the environment? What about our children’s future?

What about making America the country we’ve been before? The respected world leader? What about securing our future to continue being a beacon of light in a world gone wrong?

Oh, well, what do I know?

God Bless