Finally, a good idea has come out of Washington D.C. that everyone can stand behind. Senator Coburn, according to a New York Times article from yesterday, wants a public database that will “list most government contracts and grants”. This way, any citizen can see just where their tax dollars are going.

And, like what happens in Washington D.C., the good idea is suddenly being ruined into a bad idea. This past June the House actually passed the bill to create the database, but (you knew there would be a but, didn’t you?) the database “would omit contracts, which typically go to businesses, but would include about $300 billion in grants, which usually go to nonprofit groups.” The argument made by Thomas M. Davis III from Virginia said, “Contracts are awarded in a much more competitive environment That makes them more self-policing.”


The truth is that this will take non-profit grants and place them center stage while leaving out the contracts awarded to big businesses. Doesn’t the American public have the right to know just what companies are awarded what contracts? Shouldn’t we be able to see just how much a toliet in NASA costs?

Apparently, not.

Leave it to Washington to come up with an idea that unites the conservatives and the liberals, screw the whole thing up and piss off everybody!

God Bless