Let me preface this by saying that I don’t agree with Kevin Barrett. I don’t think our govement leaders conspired to cause 9/11.

But, I think our government made a lot of mistakes. I think our government knew more about the attacks then they say they did. And, I think the House of Representatives did us wrong on November 14, 2002, when they voted down an independent commission to investigate the 9/11 attacks.

Also, I believe that Barrett has the right to belief what he believes and say what he wants to say, just as I do.

I, also, do not believe he should lose his job because of his beliefs anymore than I believe I should lose my job for my beliefs.

But, without really getting into the whole debate, because I would need to hear both sides of the issue, I do take offense — but I support his right to say it — to Republican Representative Steve Nass when he stated:

“When 61 legislators condemn a decision by U.W.-Madison and demand the dismissal of Kevin Barrett, the leadership of the U.W. System operates at its own peril if it continues to ignore views of the taxpayers.”

First, just what in the world does he mean, “operates at its own peril?” Is he threatening the school? Will our Republican controlled Legistlature take away funding and harm thousands of students enrolled at UW-Madison because of one teacher — and a PART TIME teacher at that? Is that what he’s saying?

Second, since when does the legistlature get to say who becomes an instructor and who doesn’t?

Finally, ummm, which taxpayers’ views are being ignored? Because I noticed that the REPUBLICANS in the Wisconsin State Legistlature seemed to IGNORE this TAXPAYER’S VIEWS quite a bit last year. They voted for the anti-gay amendment, they never got the insurance bill I wanted passed out of committee and the list can go on and on. So, who is Representative Nass to say that when he and 60 other Representatives sign a paper condeming “a decision by U.W.-Madison” that he is speaking for the taxpayers in Wisconsin?

Because, he isn’t speaking for me.

God Bless