I have never before removed a comment from my blog, but this one went too far and I won’t be called trailer trash by someone who doesn’t have enough guts to be anything but anonymous. The post that was removed said the following:

“I’m surprised you don’t support a local casino because they usually have buffets and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind the “all-you-can-eat” fare. Why is all the compaining always coming from trailer trash who criticize, but don’t do anything themselves to make improvements in the community?”

I guess I should be happy that the jerk who posted it could at least spell all the words right.

If you want to post on my blog and say you don’t agree with me, fine, I don’t care, but you’re not sticking around if you’re going to attack me personally. You have no idea what I do or don’t do for my community. You have no idea what I spend my life doing, so don’t make judgements about me.

But, since you didn’t leave your name, then I’m sure I’m not out of line to refer to you as a coward. Plain and simple — coward.

God Bless you anyway, you’ll need it.