I saw on YouTube and on another blog that Palin tried to quiet down “protesters” only to be told they were supporters wanting her to speak louder. Also, turns out that the “protesters” were calling out “Sarah.” I saw a couple of versions of the YouTube video and Palin doesn’t look happy. Now, a lot of people of making a big deal that Palin was so goofy that she can’t tell supporters from protesters, but in what will probably be the only time I ever defend her, I don’t think it’s fair. Palin is being protested everywhere, I’m gathering, and if you or I were in the same position, we might make the same mistake. Since people sitting behind her appeared to understand what the crowd was yelling and Palin didn’t, it is quite possible that she just can’t hear as well as other people can.

Anyway, while I understand why Palin felt the need to “punish” the protesters, I don’t understand why she said what she said. From what I can gather, she was at a regular campaign stop. She wasn’t at a Veteran’s Rally, yet she said, “I would hope at least that those protesters have the courage and the honor of thanking our veterans for giving them the right to protest.”

What’s that all about?

I love my country and I support my troops, so why is it if I protest someone running for President somehow I need to thank a Vet? I don’t get it. Is Palin saying by protesting her someone it is a slap in the face to a veteran?

Now, I’ve never served in the military — as far as I know — neither has Palin. If I was being protested, I wouldn’t make a remark like that. Yes, I know, her son is going to Iraq, well, so are a lot of mothers’ sons. Some of those mothers are not going to vote for McCain/Palin. Some of those mothers might even stand out in the sun and protest McCain and/or Palin.

Should those mothers thank a Vet?

And, then, I wonder, when was the last time Sarah Palin actually walked up to a man or woman in uniform and thanked them? I can tell you the last time I did. October 4th — I ran into an Army SGT in Mitchell International Airport. I’m sure he thought I was a little nuts, but I thanked him for his service. When I saw him later waiting for a ride, I offered him one.

When was the last time she shook a Veteran’s hand and thanked them for fighting in Vietnam or whatever war they fought in? I can tell you the last time I did. Well, I didn’t shake his hand, I gave him a hug. It was September 19th (actually, early morning on the 20th). We walked out of the Last Chance Saloon at the same time and I gave him a hug.

Now, handshakes and hugs aren’t really enough to thank our Vets for the service they gave our country, but it is better than nothing.

I just find it so offensive when someone makes the uneducated assumption that people who protest somehow don’t care or don’t honor our Veterans.

I can understand Palin’s mistake in not hearing the crowd yell, “Sarah!” and realizing it was for her and not against her. But, I can’t understand how she can equate protesters to someone who is truly un-American and doesn’t support our troops.

God Bless

PS. In case you think I’m being too hard on her — I didn’t blog about how wrong her remark was — The military DEFENDS our rights, they don’t GIVE us our rights.