The last time I checked, I lived in the United States of America.  THE country on the planet that stands for individual freedoms.  THE country that stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


So, why is New York considering a ban on street crossing while talking on a cell phone or listening to an ipod.  (See CNN article)  Are they serious?

Look, what happened to survival of the fittest?  Now, it should be survival of the smartest.  If you can’t cross the street in a safe manner while listening to music or yakking on a cell phone — who cares if you get run down by a car.  Hey, that’s just too damn bad.  And, controlling that with a $100.00 fine is ridiculous.

We’re horrible in this country when it comes to stupid laws to protect the dumb ones.  If you’re too dumb to put on your seatbelt, we have a law telling you to do so.  When will it end?

Maybe, if some of these not able to multitaskers get run down, we could eliminate some really stupid bloodlines!

What a waste of taxpayer dollars!  I’m glad MY tax money doesn’t go to New York to be wasted like that.  We do enough wasting here!

God Bless