Am I alone? It can’t be, can it, that I am the only pro-life liberal around? Could it?

I mean, I hear from Conservatives that I know about how “you liberals” want to “protect a woman’s right to choose.” But, I “liberal” don’t.

I don’t believe in abortion. No matter how the package comes to you, a baby is always a gift from God — ALWAYS. If you don’t want that gift or you can’t handle it, after you give birth, contact me. I’ll adopt it. I’ll raise your gift from God with love and compassion.

The reason I don’t go out of my way to stand with most pro-lifers is two fold. First, I think that we should educate our young to avoid unwanted pregnacies in the first place. Second, most of the pro-lifers I know support the death penalty. And, therein lies our difference. Every life is a gift from God — even the worst of the worst of criminals — we should lock them up and throw away the key, but it should never be our choice to kill them. How does killing someone send the message that killing is wrong?

So, the next time you see me or comment on my blog, don’t assume that I’m pro-choice. I’m not and never will be.

God Bless