Yesterday, we had a plumber come out to get my basement sink to drain again. It took two guys – Dan and Derek – ten minutes to open up the pipe enough to unplug the sink and, thus, allow me to use my kitchen sink again. Then, they sent a fiber optic camera down there to show me how much icky grease and crap is in my pipes and offer to charge me $850 to clean it out, which really pissed me off, because what the hell did I just pay you $285 to do? I thought it was to clean out the pipe. When I wouldn’t go for the additional $850 job, they offered a $500 one. Really? I’m going to pay you a total of $785 for one clogged drain, right, that’s not happening.
BTW, they didn’t put back anything they moved out of their way. And, Derek’s attitude was pretty crappy once I said I didn’t want the additional work done.
Now, flash forward to this morning, Derek had the nerve to call me this morning – from a blocked id – to tell me that something was “wrong” with my credit card and he wanted the number again. So, I tell him, you’re not calling from an office phone and I’m not giving you my card number. I don’t even know that he’s calling from the office, since it is a blocked id. I tell him, have someone from the office call me on Monday and I’ll give them my number. Oh, no, he says, I need to run this today.
Really? Then, I tell him, call me from an unblocked number. I’m not giving my credit card number to you when you’re calling from a blocked id. Well, he starts to argue and I tell him that I’ll gladly call the office on Monday and straighten the whole thing out, he gets madder. So, I just hung up. I figure if they’re really a legit business, they wouldn’t call from blocked ids. Plus, they took an imprint of my credit card, so what could he possibly need?
Guess who’ll be calling them on Monday? And, guess who will NEVER use that plumber again?
The nerve!

God Bless