According to CNN, President Bush (in West Virginia) said the following:

“Now it’s time for a government to get stood up,’ Bush said. “There’s time for the elected representatives — or those who represent the voters, the political parties — to come together and form a unity government. That’s what the people want. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to the polls, would they have?”

First, what the hell does he mean by “time for a goverment to get stood up”? Does this mean he wants us to ignore our government? Ask it out on a date and then not show? (Before I get the Bush supporters writing in, I really think he means it’s time for the government to stand up.)

But, come on now. Why can’t I expect the leader of the greatest nation on earth to talk as if there’s a brain in his head? Why is this so hard?

Now, I have another question, what’s the difference between the elected representatives and those who represent the voters? Is Bush implying that some representatives weren’t really elected by the people?

And, on a serious note, I’d like all my readers to say a prayer for Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man who converted from Muslim to Christianity and has been arrested for it. (I’m curious how we allowed Afghanistan to not include religious freedom after we destroyed its government, but that’s for another discussion.)

One final note, I just received word that a friend of mine from high school, Chris Aho, died last week. We hadn’t been closed for a lot of years, but I was saddened at the news of his passing. I offer my condolences to his parents and siblings. I just wanted to post a goodbye here. BTW, Chris, if you’re able to read this wherever you are, the answer is John Lennon. Godspeed, friend.

God Bless