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Palin and Miss California

To read Palin’s remarks that prompted this article, click here.

I find it humorous that Miss California claims to be non-supporting of Gay Marriage because of her Christian roots, but those same roots didn’t stop her from posing nude.  Nor, from participating in a beauty pagent.  I don’t think watching young women walk around in bikinis is very Christian, but that might just be me.

Further, while I support Miss California’s right to believe whatever she wants and to speak out about it and Sarah Palin’s right, too; their both wrong.  You can’t claim you want the protection that the Consitution grants you, but you don’t want someone else to have equal rights that are also granted by that same Constitution. 

Finally, I find it laughable that everytime a so-called “Conservative” is attacked for their views, it is a liberal attack.  There are people on both sides of the aisle that support Gay Marriage, so the attack is neither liberal nor conservative.  I wish Sarah Palin would just crawl back to Alaska and stay quiet.  She’s one of the reasons I didn’t vote for McCain.  And, she’s one of the reasons the Republican Party won’t be willing any landslides in the near future.  They’ve left their roots behind to climb on the right-wing Christian band wagon and it’s costing them big time now.

God Bless

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  1. SpkTRUTH2Pwr

    May 26, 2009 at 08:16

    Good read. Hypocrisy is the name of the game with this. I respected Miss California’s right to believe what she wanted, but the nude posing surfacing shredded her credibility in my opinion

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for agreeing wiht me. Hypocrisy seems to be the name of the game for a lot of different things these days.

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