I found the below post in my drafts and I had thought I had posted it, but I was wrong, wasn’t I? Anyway, I’m posting it now. Happy Reading!

I keep hearing about how we are a Christian nation. That’s why we’re bombing Muslims back into the stone age in Iraq and that’s why the Federal and State governments are voting to “protect” marriage from those anti-Christian, evil gay people.

But, when the President’s 2007 Budget leaves out the funding for Health Services in schools, I wonder just where the Hell Christianity is now.

There are plenty of pro-life supporters who supported Bush’s veto of the stem cell vote. Plenty of pro-lifers who applaud the stopping of abortions in this nation, all in the name of Christianity.

But where are these so-called pro-lifers now?

Why aren’t they working to protect the children that are here? I hope to God that I will never have to receive money from the government to help me raise my child. I hope that I never have to make the decision between a doctor’s visit and food on the table. I thank God that even in these hard economic times that I am able to keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellys and clothes on our backs.

That’s why I support the government when it takes my tax dollars and spreads them around to help those who aren’t as fortunate as I am. Sure, there are a few people on the government dole who just don’t want to work. But, I know people who took money from the government to get them past some hardtimes — you know who you are — and are now on their feet and making some headway.

So, why is our “Christian” President pulling Health Services out of the 2007 budget? Why are we leaving these children, who didn’t ask to be born and didn’t necessarily want to be here, behind? If we can help them grow into adults, we can’t help them grow into productive members of society.

HR 5834 is a bi-partisan bill that will protect the funding for Health Care Services for those in need and yet, it isn’t going to get the assistance it needs to pass.

God Bless