Oklahoma Rep Sally Kern thought she was speaking to a room of 50 Republicans, but thinking you’re speaking in a small, private setting will always come back to bite you in the butt and she’s learning just that.

Rep. Kern said (and I quote) “The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation; it’s just a fact.”

Now, I haven’t found a source that gave the exact words in the exact order (mainly because I can’t view YouTube at work), but that last statement pretty much says it all.

Rep. Kern is a little more than confused now, because she sees this as little more than her exercising her freedom of speech.

Well, the lady is right — she does have free speech and she should be allowed to exercise it whenever and wherever she wants. I have supported free speech with a no matter what they say, they have a right to say it stance.

But, come on, what was she thinking? She really believes that gays are destroying this nation?!? What planet is she from?

Right-wing Christians such as Rep Sally Kern and those who think like her are what is destroying the nation. They have spent so much time and energy combatting against gay rights that they’ve missed the big picture.

God doesn’t bless America anymore than God blesses Iraq or Iran.

God doesn’t care about nations. He doesn’t even see the boundaries we’ve made for ourselves. He sees what is in our collective hearts. He doesn’t make tornados only blow away the homes of sinners, nor do hurricanes only destroy the evil ones. He wants us all to be by His right side in the Kingdom of Heaven.

But, I digress because unlike Rep. Kern, I’ve read my Bible — I just don’t thumped it.

God Bless Rep. Kern and may He have mercy on her soul when she is called to judgement for Jesus said, “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”

I hope she’s sin free.

PS. God Bless Oklahoma…They’ll need it.