I was thinking last night, as I got ready for bed, just how much the world has changed in the last sixty years. Not the technology, but the people.

Now, I know that not everyone in this country supported WWII, at least not in the beginning and I know that there were dissenters, but the people rallied around the troops more. We were willing to ration meat, sugar, gas, etc. We bought war bonds and volunteered at USOs. We pulled together to get our nation through a difficult time.

So, it made me wonder, what are we doing now to support our troops in Iraq? Are we sending them books, letters, supplies to let them know that we love them and we’re behind them all the way? Why isn’t the government offering war bonds? Wouldn’t that be a way to finance the war rather than go as far into debt as we’ve gone? Wouldn’t it help.

And, yes, I don’t believe we should be in Iraq and yes, I support the right of dissenters, but we’re there and I was just thinking we should be doing more for the troops.

Well, I wasn’t sure what we could do for the troops, but then I remembered Operation Dear Abby. It’s now offered year round. Let’s all join together and send a letter to a member of our armed forces. It’ll only take a few minutes and it’ll brighten our day — and it might make up for what we are lacking in supporting our troops.

God Bless