I signed up to receive comics in my email. I like to start the day with a good laugh.

Anyway, Nick Anderson drew an editorial comic showing a storm cloud in the shape of a question mark with the words ‘Questions about run-up to war’ chasing President Bush, who is riding a bicycle away from the cloud and looking”scared”.

I think Mr. Anderson missed the mark.

President Bush isn’t scared of questions regarding the Iraq War. He isn’t afraid to face them. He may not answer them — He may choose to ignore them, but he isn’t scared of them.

President Bush does not feel that he was wrong about invading Iraq. He believes that 2,000 dead Americans is worth the democracy we have begun over there. If allowed to run free, President Bush would probably invade Iran and begin a democracy there, too.

Dubya, as he is disrespectfully called, truly and honestly believes that God told him to start the war in Iraq. He even said as much in response to Pat Robertson (who believes God told him that the war should not be started). President Bush honestly and to the core believes that he is on the side of justice and righteousness.

So, while I enjoy your editorial comics, Mr. Anderson, in this case, you missed the mark by a long shot.

God Bless.