Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been a little busy. First, I’m trying to set up my six books blog on it’s own website. This’ll give me a little more freedom. It has caused a few issues as the new setup with my hosting company is different from the setup I have for Top of My Head. But, I give Hostek a lot of credit. They never once said it’s a problem between you and Blogger and just give up. Their technical support continued working with me until we finally figured out the issue was my ftp user permissions.

Next, the implantation was this past weekend. Three embroyos survived the process and all three were implanted. Now, I’ve been having dreams about having triplets, but that’s okay. I won’t know if I’m pregnant until October 1, so I’m looking forward to carrying one, two or three children. I think 2 boys and a girl would be perfect — and not because I think boys are easier to raise — they’re just cheaper! 🙂

Finally, with school taking up whatever time I have left (oh and work), I haven’t had a chance to even keep up with the news! I’m way behind on reading my US News & World Reports, Business Weeks and Wall Street Journals! Not to mention just our local paper.

Anyway, I read in a Business Week from a few weeks ago a blurb about Stephon Marbury. He plays for the New York Knicks and he’s pretty upset about the high cost of high-quality sneakers. So, he and the Steve & Barry retailer are coming out with Starbury One sneakers. They will sell for $14.98. Hey, I’m all for that! The cost of these designer sneakers have gotten out of hand when they cost, as Marbury is quoted as saying, the same as “groceries for the week.” Plus, when they are so expensive, kids are killing each other for them — it’s time someone does the responsible thing. Anyway, kudos to Mr. Marbury. I hope they are a great success. So, I guess I’ll be buying some shoes this weekend.

God Bless