On my way into work this morning, I heard an ad that claimed that John Lehman is the reason that Honda built a plant in Alabama instead of where it belonged — Wisconsin.  I didn’t hear who sponsored it.  So, I decided to research this issue to find out if this is true and what do I find on the Internet?  Two more radio ads (in pdf. format) saying the same thing, only this time the Honda plant was built in Indiana.

Excuse me, but how can you blame John Lehman for single handedly ruining the chances of two different plants, both for the same company?

Sounds to me like someone is trying to mislead the public because Representative Lehman is running for State Senator.

Further, the little “fact checking” at the bottom of the ads claims that the statement “In fact, he’s making things worse.” (he being John) is backed up by 28.6% Cumulative WMC Voting Record, 1997-Present.  No where in that “fact” does it list how things were made worse.

There are other so called facts at the bottom that list bills Representative Lehman voted against.  I’ll research the full text of them and post it here.

In this upcoming election, since the Republicans have passed NOTHING that will help the state of Wisconsin, I think they’re skating on thin ice.

I would, also, like to point out that Lehman’s opponent, McReynolds, voted for a 19 million dollar jail in Racine.  I’m sure that’s done a lot for Racine.

God Bless