I know I haven’t been online writing any articles, but hey, it’s Christmas. I was spending time with my family. I think we have lost the true meaning of Christmas.

Here’s how I spent my Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Cheryl and I took our two beautiful grandsons to the children’s Mass at church. The church was crowded and the boys were really good. This was their second visit and since they’re older, they were more interested in the doings of Mass. They people watched and moved to the upbeat Christmas music.

Later on, my parents came over and we ate and spent valuable family time together with our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. My son and his girlfriend were late, not appearing until after nine, so I missed singing with the choir. Anyway…

On Christmas, Cheryl and I went to my parents. We spent valuable family time with my brothers and their families.

Here’s why I think we’ve lost the meaning of Christmas.

Burger King was open, along with Walgreens. What is up with that?!? Why are these two places opened on Christmas?!? Shouldn’t Christmas — no matter what your religion — be about family? Not making someone work away from their family?

Plus, I want to know how Family Video dares calls themselves “Family” Video when they were open from noon to midnight?!?

So, I was thinking that for all our talk of a Christian Nation, we’re full of it.

Football should not be played on Christmas. Those players, coaches, Referees and announcers should be home with their families. Burger King, Walgreens, Family Video and movie theatres should be closed on Christmas.

First, it is the day where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For us Catholics, Christmas is the beginning of our new year. You should not be eating at Burger King and going to the movies on Christmas Day.

Second, at the very least, we should have one day in 365 where we spend time with our family and friends — for some people their one and the same.

Anyway, that’s all of got to say about that — at least for tonight.

God Bless.